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Pronunciation Guide Dutch

About Pronunciation Guide Dutch

When you start to learn Dutch, or even when you are already a more advanced speaker, you will probably ask yourself if you ever will be able to pronounce Dutch in a natural and easy way. Listening to Dutch locals, using strange guttural sounds, might even scare you off and withhold you from starting to put your Dutch into practice.

The Book and the Website

The method Pronunciation Guide Dutch consists of two parts: a book and a website. The book helps you with explanations and instructions of the different topics. On the website, you can listen to all the spoken Dutch goal words and sentences, tongue twisters and everyday sentences.

Why Pronunciation Guide?

The method Pronunciation Guide Dutch offers you the possibility of getting familiar with the pronunciation of the Dutch language. If you are a beginner, this method will help you with your first essential steps. If you already speak (some) Dutch but your pronunciation has always been an obstacle, this method will also help you to further improve your language skills. 

Listen to some audio

Pronunciation Guide Dutch provides you with a better ‘tuned-in ear’ for better listening. Furthermore, it gives you tools to get your tongue around the sounds and to get a grip on the melody.

The method does not only cover technical aspects of correct pronunciation, but also provides you with everyday conversation to get the feel of the Dutch language. Listen to some of the files on our demo page.

Check out the DEMO